No Clear Point

There’s no clear, tidy message here. Just sharing that the Queen is feeling better after being sick for a couple weeks. While still tired a lot, she’s definitely ready to play and learn!

Her brother was grumpy that I was walking with her in the backyard, saying that it was taking too long and he just wanted me to play with him. I explained that Esther has been sick and hasn’t moved much for a couple weeks so it was good to get her walking. I was sad and a little grumpy myself, since it’s always hard when anyone is sick, especially the Queen.

I felt bad when I set her down to sit it the grass so I could play with Isaac. I always feel bad that she can’t demand her own attention and just run wherever she wants. So it’s somewhat comforting when I catch glimpses like these, of her cherishing her spot in the grass.

A few hours later, Esther clearly said “I love you” to me before bed. I yelled to everyone else what she had said. Isaac came running, SO excited. She wasn’t able to say it again, but Isaac knew she was trying.

Again, there’s no clear point here. The Queen is feeling better and is able to radiate us with some of her looks and even words.

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