Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy FIFTH birthday to the Queen!

I’m so glad that as you grow, we can know more of who you are. It’s hard, it sucks that you can’t tell us more of your heart, but I DO know that:

You are loved beyond all measure. You are strength and courage and kindness and beauty. Thank you for being YOU.

  • you understand what people say
  • you love your friends and family
  • you like the color green
  • you love peanut butter cups
  • you know your shapes and colors and the main characters in books
  • you love books!
  • you like pretending to be “sassy characters”
  • you love your smart castle (school)
  • you love music and people singing to you
  • you get excited about upcoming trips and Christmas and your birthday!
  • you hate being tired
  • you hate being hungry
  • car drives make you sleepy
  • you’re a good mommy to your dollies
  • you can wave!
  • you love your bed after being away from home for a long time
  • you work so hard, every day, and nothing keeps your smiles or giggles down for long!

These are just a few small things we know about you. We see you, we hear you, we know you, and we love you.

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