Queen Esther’s Improv Show!

I was the guest storyteller for an improv show at Alchemy Comedy Theater where I shared stories about our Quiet Queen and a team of improvisers performed scenes inspired by these stories. This is an enormously talented group of people who perform live comedy shows every week and they really honored our Queen with their hilarious, witty scenes.

We finally have the video of the show up for anyone to view! The first half is on YouTube and I have the second half added here, as well.

This was such a hilarious way to honor our Quiet Queen. Again, the stories I told were about Esther’s achievements, struggles, and overarching sweetness. The improvisers performed scenes inspired by those stories. Please share these videos as a way for others to learn about Esther and just to laugh.

Here is the second half of the show:

God bless good comedy!

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