Great Things Can Happen

We all know the Queen is amazing, but she has been doing so much lately that continues to excite us and add to our hope for the future. Last night, Isaac came running down the hall to say that Esther said “Uh yeah!” when he asked if he could sleep with her in her room.

Tonight, she said the same when I asked if she was ready for yummy food, and then proceeded to eat a pound of Grandma B’s amaaaazing pizza (or “Grandma Bizza” as I’ve just coined it).

Yesterday, her occupational therapist, Wilma, said they had the best session yet. Normally, Esther hates sitting cross-legged and leaning forward, and will shake and resist the position. Yesterday, she sat like that ON HER OWN for 20 MINUTES. Wilma was laughing and saying this was her Christmas present. Seriously, the Queen has HATED sitting like that and yesterday was just like, “Yeah, what of it?” Actually, she was smiling and laughing because she knew she was amazing us.

And she’s sitting up longer and straighter. She has been sitting for maybe a minute before laying on her back, but now consistently sits straighter and more “solidly”.

She’s also sharing more stories. We just don’t know the words she’s using, but she’s saying so many more sounds that clearly mean something to her. Last night when she made some of these sounds I told her, “This is it, isn’t it? You’re showing us more of yourself and are going to keep amazing us.” She smiled and laughed and I’m convinced knows that things are shifting inside of her so that she can finally break free in some ways.

That’s not to say that she’s going to be healed from Rett Syndrome or that anything is going to magically “correct itself”. I just know that great things are coming. That great things are HERE.

Sitting so straight with sister, Lucy.

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