The Green Queen

I wrote Esther a book for Christmas, full of her favorite things. It’s about a queen who loves the color green, silly names, elephants, music, traveling…and who also has Rett Syndrome. I love that there are so many great kid’s books about disability but wanted to make one that isn’t solely focused on the disability itself. I also wanted to make it fun and silly, which so many of these books forget to include.

Summary: The Green Queen goes on a creative, colorful journey to find a best friend for Sir Baron Worthingtoots, the grumpiest boy in all of Rainbowsbourgh! While the Green Queen can’t talk, walk, or use her hands well, that doesn’t stop her from a great adventure.

The illustrations are done by my daughter’s friends. Any profit I make from this will go to Rett Syndrome research.

lf you do buy a copy, please leave a review and share the link to try to help raise awareness of Rett Syndrome. It’s a short, but sweet story and has some information in the back about RS.

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