A Satisfying Crunch

She may be quiet, but Queen Esther can make a BIG crunch on her veggie straws. This crunch is the sound of victory! Just a few years ago, Esther couldn’t anything that wasn’t soggy or puréed.

Girls and boys with Rett Syndrome almost always struggle with eating. Esther used to cough and gag constantly. Now, she might cough a little on thin liquids but with practice and time, and time and practice…and more time and more practice…we are able to enjoy veggie straws (and she LOVES them).

So here’s a symbolic raised glass to the stubborn patience of daily work. To the kids who want to chomp into a pretzel, but their teeth and tongues won’t cooperate. To the parents who lay their heads on the table in brief frustration, raising them yet again to guide a spoon or a fork or piece of food into their child’s mouth, hoping this time it will go in without a cough or gag. To the speech therapists and school aides and friends and family who observe how it’s done and find ways to make it go more smoothly. It’s all hard. But damn that “crunch” is worth it.

2 thoughts on “A Satisfying Crunch

  1. I love that you’re doing this—all these “little” milestones that we would otherwise maybe not know.

    What an accomplishment. You guys rock. ♥️

    So you’re finally an aunt on your side! Congrats to you too!

    Do you plan to be in IN for Christmas this year?



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