Bummer News

This morning, I read something disheartening:

Novartis, a major therapeutic company, announced they are discontinuing their gene replacement program for Rett Syndrome. This is a major disappointment to the Rett community, but not a devastating blow. There are other companies that are still invested in developing gene therapy that will one day cure Rett Syndrome.

Monica Coenraads, a fellow mother of a daughter with Rett Syndrome and a powerhouse of Rett Syndrome advocacy, has a very honest and encouraging response to this news below.


Gene replacement is just one of six strategies RSRT is pursuing now, and within each strategy there are multiple programs. This diversification of strategies and partnerships protects against setbacks like this one.

Monica Coenraads, Chief Executive Officer
Rett Syndrome Research Trust

The fight is never over. I do trust the science and the experts who believe Rett Syndrome will be cured one day. I offer up one of thousands of prayers that my child, my Quiet Queen, will be witness to that day.

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