Quiet, not Forgotten

Rett Fact: boys and girls with Rett syndrome can be just as apprehensive of the dentist. It helps to explain to them what is going on and that they will be ok. That said, a brave Queen got her teeth cleaned yesterday! On a personal (and blessedly uncommon) rant, one of the employees said it must be hard to have a nonverbal child, but kind of nice to have a child who can’t talk. She was referring to her own kids who talk “too much”. I wish I could say how I shut that nonsense down and gave an eloquent explanation of how damn blessed every parent is who can communicate easily with their children. Instead, I didn’t reply, but when the same lady asked if I ever forget about the Queen (because she’s so quiet), I said, “Never.” This person was just talking to talk, and clearly wasn’t having a real conversation with me, but next time I will be able to say how I shut that nonsense down. That said, be grateful to talk to the ones you love. Don’t tell parents of nonverbal children it must be “nice” to have a nonverbal child. Because that’s insensitive bullshit. Also, no cavities! Yay!

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